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Our Story

​     Allison and I met on the caribbean island of St. John, both working seasonal jobs in the food and farm industries. In 2014 we decided to relocate to Alaska, and soon after our move realized that Homer is Home for us: the community shares an enthusiasm for life, our food system is local, connected and defined, and we feel grounded – inspired daily by the natural environment around us. 

     In 2015, we decided to develop a long-standing dream of ours to simplify our life, by building a tiny home. Not only for a place to live, but to showcase how artistic and unconventional a small living space can be, and to hopefully involve others in a conversation about sustainability, salvaged building materials, and simplified living philosophy. With an outpouring of support from the community we built our first home, all out-of-pocket and mostly of salvaged materials.


     Throughout the last three years, as our tiny house has evolved, so too has our building philosophy and our concept of tiny house living. Since that first tiny house, named Marie Del Sol, we have built two more very unique mobile tiny homes, along with many other creative carpentry endeavors of varying scale, generating positive relationships with clientele and further developing our business concept. 

     Our goal has always been to share our tiny-lifestyle and engage others in our community. We hope to help people achieve debt-free homeownership, adopt a more renewable lifestyle and improve overall sense of well-being. In doing so we aspire to reduce our collective carbon footprint and provide a sustainable path for future generations to follow.  


- Preston and Allison 


Tiny Homer LLC

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